The episode features an interview with Kat McClure. At the time of the last episode, I was getting ready for the Iowa Print Competition. While at convention I wanted to do two interviews with someone that had never competed: one before and one after the judging. These are those interviews.

I hope all your images are doing well in print competition. This episode is one I’ve been thinking about doing for a long time, and I’m excited it is finally happening. I know a lot of people think about doing print competition, but feel held back for a variety of reasons. I understand the nervousness of competing, especially if you’re just starting off. Looking at the level of images can inspire awe, but if you haven’t competed before comparing your images to others’ can be intimidating.

Kat  talks about the process she used to get feedback on her images. Throughout the process got feedback, made changes, and then asked for more feedback. That can be a tough process, but I think you’ll agree that Kat proves that perseverance can pay off. If you’re interested in seeing some of Kat’s work, check out her website.


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